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Anacamptis palustris

Perennial herbaceous flower, that can be found in humid pastures, wet meadows and swamps. It prefers calcareous soils in full sun. It flowers in spring. The species epithet palustris is Latin for "of the marsh" and indicates its common habitat.
The stem is 30-60 cm; 4-7 leaves upright, lanseolate, tiny acuminate, grooved. The inflorescence is cylindrical, fairly loose with 10-50 flowers; brackets are purple or reddish color, petals are 8-15 mm short or almost equal in size to ovarium; flowers are often purple, rarely pink; the petals with the dorsal sepal gather in a loose helmet; dorsal sepal is perpendicular or slightly bent over the ovarium.
The ovarium is lintless, curled, usually colored with purple.

Conservation status
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This species has been reported 4 times with a total of 70 specimens recorded.
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