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Anacamptis pyramidalis

Anacamptis pyramidalis, also known as the pyramidal orchid is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Anacamptis of the family Orchidaceae. Stems grow generally between 10-25 cm, but can grown to a maximum of 60 centimetres. The basal leaves are linear-lanceolate with parallel venation, up to 25cm long, the cauline leaves are shorter and are barely visible on the stem. The arrangement of hermaphroditic flowers in a compact pyramidal shape is a very distinctive feature, which gives this orchid its common name.

This orchid can generally be found on meadows or dry and well exposed slopes at an altitude ranging from 0 to 2000 m above sea level, it can be found on a diversity of soils, including but not limited to loamy or clay, it can also grow in very alkaline soil.

Common names
Pyramidal orchid
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 83 times with a total of 3359 specimens recorded.
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