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Cephalanthera longifolia

Perennial herbaceous plant with a horizontally truncated rhizome and roots of 2 types - thicker where nutrients accumulate and thin with mycorrhiza for ingestion of nutrients. Stems are 1-3 in number, 15-45 (50) cm in height. The 5-10 leaves are linear-lanceolate, two-pointed, tapered.
Inflorescence is fragmentary, with 8-15 (20) white flowers. The petals are almost the same, tapered, 12-18 × 4-6 mm, collected in a helmet. The labellum is shorter, white with yellow spot and two narrow combs.
This orchids blooms from April to June. Sometimes, in drought, flower buds wither and fall without opening.
There is no self-pollination in this species and the fruits are not numerous.

Common names
Narrow-leaved Helleborine
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 46 times with a total of 473 specimens recorded.
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