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Dactylorhiza incarnata

Orchid, growing from tubers with hollow stem, 15-80 cm high. The leaves are light green, narrowly lanceolate, upright, smooth, usually without spots. The longest leaf reaches the inflorescence and can even be longer. Inflorescence is
full-bodied, multicoloured, including 30-60 (100) tiny flowers. The bracts are clearly longer than the flowers, coloured in light pink (very rarely white or yellowish), with a characteristic dark pink pattern and speckle. The central sepals and petals are collected in a helmet. The lips are elongated or three-sided, with backward curved bends and darker patterns. The spur is conical, pointing downwards. The species blooms from May to July.

Common names
Early marsh-orchid
Conservation status
Protected by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Act. Category "Endangered" in the Bulgarian Red Book. CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 9 times with a total of 397 specimens recorded.
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