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Dactylorhiza romana

Perennial herbaceous flower that grows to a maximum of 50cm but most plants are between 15 and 35cm tall. The plant has 3-9 narrow, pointed leaves which are unspotted. The inflorescence is lax when the flowers are fully open, and the flowers themselves vary in colour from yellow to magenta. The two colour forms are frequently found growing together and there are also intermediates.
Prefers slightly acidic conditions, it can most often be found in grassy areas that are populated with bushes, as well as in garrigue and in open woodland habitats. This orchid is tolerant of both partial shade and full sun.
The species flowers from March to the end of April.

Common names
Roman Orchid, Roman Dactylorhiza
Orchis romana, Dactylorhiza romana (Seb.) SoĆ³ subsp. romana
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 0 times with a total of 0 specimens recorded.
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