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Epipactis pontica

Slender plant with a creeping rhizome, producing 1-2 slender stems, 15-35 cm. Cauline leaves 3-7, spreading spirally arranged, ovate, longer then their internode. Lower leaves broad, ovate, the upper narrower. Lower bracts longer then the flowers. Inflorescence lax, almost one-sided with 4-14 small, nodding, half-closed, yellowish green flowers. Sepals and petals ovate, pointed, all green. Hypochile whitish-green, with shining green interior. Epichile heart-shapes, white, with two green, inconspicuous bosses at its base. Ovary green, almost glabrous, pear-shaped, elongated, with a short pedicel, washed purple.

Epipactis pontica Taubenheim
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 0 times with a total of 0 specimens recorded.
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