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Limodorum abortivum

A perennial herbaceous saprophytic plant with a short rhizome, from which many roots come out.
The fleshy stem is coloured in violet, up to 80 cm high. The leaves are reduced to lozenge vines, violet-green. The inflorescence is up to 30 cm, loose, with 6-20 flowers. The bracts are tapered, as long as the flowers.
The flowers are large with up to 25 mm long violet petals. The labellum is up to 22 mm, articulated, the front part is the shape of a heart, darker, the tips are wavy, curved inward. The spur is violet, pointing down, the length of the ovary.
This orchid flowers from May to June. The biology of the species is not fully elucidated. Because its roots are often associated with the roots of tree species, some scientists believe the species is parasitic. Flowers emit nectar and are pollinated by earth bees, but often can self-pollinate.

Common names
Violet Limodore
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 5 times with a total of 11 specimens recorded.
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