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Neottia ovata

Perennial herbaceous plant with creeping rhizome.
Stems are 20-50 cm high, with loose lashes. The 2 leaves are located at the bottom of the stem, opposite, oval, up to 13 cm long. The inflorescence has 20-50 flowers, green, sometimes with a light brown hue. The petals are small, up to 6 mm, pointed forward and slightly spread. The labellum is bend downward, at the base with a nectar recess, elongated, trilobed; linear parts, central one is longer.
This orchid flowers from May to June.
It is pollinated by different insects, most often wasps attracted by the abundant nectar from the flowers.
The species propagates with seeds, sometimes also vegetative.

Common names
Eggleaf twayblade, Common Twayblade
Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerh.
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 1 times with a total of 27 specimens recorded.
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