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Ophrys cornuta

Perennial herb with 2 oval tubers. Stems are 20-50 cm high, with 4-6 greyish-green rosette leaves, covered with a network of veins and 2-3 small, testicles stem leaves. The inflorescences are sparse including 5-15 flowers. The sepals are wide open, 9-14 mm long, pink (sometimes very pale). The two petals are also pink, usually darker, shaped oblong. Their size is up to 5 mm and the surface - densely fibrous and velvety. The labellum is up to 12 mm, trilobed at the base. The sides are conical, 8-12 mm long, covered with fibres and curved. The top edges are pointed - resembling a horn, which gave the name of the species. The middle part of the labellum is elongates, heavily curved, with short velvet fibres, dark purple, with a pattern called a "mirror" that is shiny, brown-purple, in varied shapes, outlined with a white or yellow contour.
The species blooms in May-June. It is pollinated by Hymenoptera insects. The plant propagates with seeds.
In the Turkish part of Strandzha it is found as the subspecies Ophrys oestrifera M.Bieb. subsp. oestrifera.

Common names
Woodcock Orchid
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 28 times with a total of 918 specimens recorded.
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