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Orchis purpurea

Perennial herbaceous plant with oval tubers. One of the largest representatives of Orchids family in the Strandzhan flora. The stem is 30-80 cm high, with 3-8 large oblong fresh green leaves. The upper leaves cover the stem. The inflorescence is dense, multicoloured, cylindrical, 5-20 cm long, the bracts are scaly.
The flowers give out vanilla scent. The petals are gathered in a dark, pointy helmet with red-purple lines and spots. The labellum is trilobed, light-green (to whitish) with dark-purple dots and papillae. The middle part is enlarged and cut at an acute angle, with an awn or a tooth in the cut. The spur is cylindrical and shorter than the ovary.
The orchid blooms from April to May

Common names
Lady orchid
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 13 times with a total of 186 specimens recorded.
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