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Spiranthes spiralis

Perennial herbaceous plant with short rhizome and 2-3 (5) oval tubers. Typically, its inflorescences and leaves develop inconsistently.
The flowering stem is up to 20 cm high, without leaves, develops in autumn. At the same time begins the development of leaf rosettes on sprout for the next year. The leaves are 5-9, wintering, drying with the start of summer droughts. The inflorescence is thick, grade-like, glandular-fluffy. The flowers are clearly spiralling due to the curvature of the axis (hence the name of the genus). The flowers are small, white, outward greenish, with vanilla fragrance.
The labellum is almost seated, back ovate, incised, without a spur. The ovary is located perpendicular of the perianth.
This orchid blooms from August to October.
Propagation is conducted with seeds. The young plants begin to bloom after 11-15 years.

Common names
Autumn lady's-tresses
Conservation status
CITES-listed species
This species has been reported 57 times with a total of 3505 specimens recorded.
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